Mr. Tyler and His Mom Lisa {Dubuque Children’s Photographer Amanda McLeod}

I’d like to introduce you to Tyler (and his mom Lisa).  Tyler is a very energetic, strong willed, adorable ball of energy.  He only liked me for about ten minutes of his session.  The rest of the time, I’m pretty much sure he hated me.  But those ten minutes where Tyler and I were friends…. well they were pure gold.  These first six images are from those ten minutes of picture magic.  I didn’t pose him.  Okay well, I did suggest he make a funny face but other than that these are all poses of Mr. Tyler’s creation.  Future model perhaps?

After Tyler was done posing for me and had decided that we were no longer on speaking terms we tried to get a few of him and his mom.

Then it was time for a location change.  But, Tyler refused to look my direction.  And when he did he let me know he wasn’t happy with the situation. 

So, we decided to take a brake.  Lisa took Tyler to get a popsicle and we met back up by the Depot in Eldon so Tyler could play with the trains.

Tyler, one day I hope we can be friends. :)

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