Two Girls and Their Twirly Skirts | Dubuque Children’s Photographer

Back in September I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous Lane family.   However, the session almost didn’t happen.  A few days before we were supposed to meet up I emailed Jill to remind her about her session.  She emailed me back, said she couldn’t wait, and that she had just let her girls try on their new twirly skirts she had bought for their pictures.

So, on the day of the session I arrive at our designated meeting place.  No one was around.  But this was okay – I was about five minutes early. (FYI – I am never early to anything.  I am notoriously late.  I inherited this lovely trait from my mother who has never been on time in her life.) I sit and wait and the five minutes pass pretty quick.  And still the Lane’s have not arrived.  (As a notoriously late person myself, I’m still not worried.  This is a family with two little kids – lateness happens.)  Ten minutes pass.  Now, I’m getting worried.  Did I tell them to meet me somewhere else?  Did I write down the wrong day?  Did I write down the wrong time?

I call Jill’s phone.  No one answers.  I leave a message.  I wait five minutes.  I call my mom to ask what I should do. I’ve never had someone just not show up before.  While I’m talking to my mom my call waiting gives me a beep.  It’s Jill.  She had written down the right date but the wrong day of the week.  They could be there in half an hour – they just had to get the kids in the tub, then dressed, and then drive to our meeting place.  Somehow Jill and her husband actually managed to do all those things in 30 minutes.  I was impressed.

The rest of the session went off without a hitch and was one of my very favorite sessions from last year. :)

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