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A New Adventure….

I knew this would be happening sometime “in the future.” I just didn’t expect the future to get here so quickly. In two short days I will be moving to Dubuque. My husband has been hired on at IBM. I am very excited for him as he gets to embark on the career he has...

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I feel like a slacker. My lack of blog posts is shameful. Especially with all the sessions that I have to blog about. But things have been busy… because of all those sessions and of course – life. That seems to take a lot of time as well. Here’s a tiny glimpse of all the...

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Shay Got a Hair Cut and a New Dress!

Yesterday was spent shopping for clothes to wear to my brothers wedding with my mom and my sister. While we were out shopping Shay got her hair cut – and I don’t mean a trim. She chopped off a good six or seven inches. It’s really cute and makes her look rather grown up. She...

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New website, New Photos, New Month

First.. Happy Halloween!!!! May you all get lots of treats! October has been the busiest month of my photography “career” so far with seven sessions – three seniors, two families, one engagement, and one 16th birthday session. Now if only i can DOUBLE those numbers. November is going to be a busy month as well...

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Shay – Septemeber 30th.

It’s always when I am the most busy that my little sister decides that she just HAS to have me take pictures of her. Last week was no exception. It was nice to take a break from editing and actually take some pictures though. But then of course.. I had to edit these.Well.. actually I...

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