Here's the info you really need to know:
I have more than a decade of shooting the biggest moments in people's lives under my belt.
I can write a timeline for your wedding day in my sleep. 
I can get 8 rowdy groomsmen to smile and laugh for my camera like they are having the best time of their lives. 
I can make those family formals every one hates into a fun memorable moment. 
I can make you feel like you should be on the cover a magazine.

I offer a mix of modern portraiture and photo-journalism for both weddings and family sessions. 
Posed photos are important and I always make sure to include those in anything that I do but... 
The real magic happens in the in-between.


Ten Random Things You Should Know about Me

1. Music is everything and it's what my husband and I first bonded over.
2. Cooking relaxes me and I love trying new recipes. 
3. Growing up all I wanted to be was a teacher. I even have a teaching degree.
4. I am relatively shy and definitely an introvert.
5. I like to play games: board, video, card, mind. 
6. My first camera was a pink 110 film camera.  I am that old.
7. I love to read and I have a huge soft spot for YA fiction.
8. Road trips are my favorite. Need a co-pilot?  Let's go!
9. I’m a fur mom to a sweet ball of kitty floof named Sadie.
10. I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte.