I've been taking photos most of my life.  First with my mom's camera - wasting roll after roll of film on strategically posed Barbies and stuffed animals. Then, on my 10th birthday I received my very own beautiful pink 110 film camera and the rest is as they say,
is history. 

I really can't imagine doing anything else.

Enneagram 9 here. 

I am a total introvert who is a bit shy and reserved.  I think this makes me an excellent photographer.  I am a watcher of people - more comfortable on the sidelines and not at all interested in being the star of the show.  

I live with my husband on a little acre just south of Dubuque with our cat Freya.  I am a music lover, a Netflix binger, and a pretty decent cook, 


a little bit about

  • Music is everything and I love going to live shows.
  • I enjoy trying new recipes.  My husband has celiac and I make a mean gluten free brownie.
  • Growing up all I wanted to be was a teacher. I even have a teaching degree. But then my passion for photography took over!  
  • I like to play games!  Video, board, card, trivia, 
  • I can be pretty competitive with those games..
  • I love to read and I listen to audio books while I edit!
  • Road trips are my favorite. Need a co-pilot? Let's go!  I'll bring the snacks.
  • I've never met a Buzzfeed quiz I didn't stop to take.  Yes, please tell me who my celebrity BFF is!

Random Facts


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